Catstronauts!: Piece It Together Family Puzzle (60-Piece Puzzle for Kids and Toddlers 2-5, Beach and Ocean Artwork)

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At last, a puzzle the whole family can enjoy!

Two puzzles in one! Twenty large, simple pieces make up half of this charming boardwalk scene, perfect for younger puzzlers honing their skills. Forty smaller pieces make up the other half, giving older siblings and family members more of a challenge.

- A great game for family time, holidays and vacations
- An all-ages activity perfect for everyone from toddlers to older children and adults
- Puzzles help cognitive development and foster teamwork.

Perfect gift for families!

Younger children who enjoy Mudpuppy puzzles, floor puzzles, and 24-piece puzzles will enjoy solving this transitional puzzle with friends and family.

- All-ages family game play
- Toddler puzzles
- Puzzles for kids


List price: $14.99
Price: $14.99