Denizens of the Dark Signing

Characters who inhabit the night take readers into their murky worlds in this seventh anthology from members of the Final Twist Writers Society.

Appearing at this signing: Laura Elvebak, Cash Anthony, C.J. Sweet, Leif Carl Behmer, and L. Stewart Hearl.

Event date: 

Saturday, June 1, 2019 - 1:00pm

Event address: 

2342 Bissonnet St.
Houston, TX 77005

Short mystery stories related to a theme of "darkness": Mark Phillips, The Revenant - A doctor and a sorcerer battle a living corpse animated by dark magic. The first Sabatier and Kern story. Sally Love, Hotline Homicide - Dinah left everything in Phoenix and fled to Houston. But her abusive past is never far behind. He's coming for her. Charlotte Phillips, Ama’s Revenge - 
The police rule Ama’s death an accident, but Ama disagrees – and she’s out to get even. Natasha Storfer, An Open Invitation - Come play tag with your nightmares. Cash Anthony, Ingrid’s Indecision - A teenager used as bait to blackmail a rich pedophile lets Fate decide how she’ll get out of the trap she’s in. Mark Phillips, Monster Hunt - Things are about to go terribly wrong on the smash reality show Monster Hunt. Justice demands nothing less. Jane Sweet,The Organ Chaser - Two of New York's finest are called in when a drowning victim with a bashed-in skull revives, wraps himself in a bed sheet, and walks out of the morgue − carrying his organs in a bag. L. Stewart Hearl, The Bone Eater - Stealing from corpses is bad. Eating them is worse. 

Natasha Storfer, Big Bad Wolf - Polly's partner acted alone and needs back-up. Will she arrive in time to save Kevin from the big bad Wolfe? Cash Anthony, The Night Crew - When biker/avenging angel Jessie Carr and her partner Beau Marsberg make a detour to visit an old friend in a nursing home, they find themselves at a surprising dead end. Leif Behmer, The Sorrow of Mercy - The queen has vanished, and the king is going mad. Only the Order of the Rose can keep his wrath in check, but for how long? Alone, a disciple of Mercy will answer. Leif Behmer, Harpy - A hunter stalks a harpy, but only succeeds in capturing his vanity. Leif Behmer, Manticore - He’ll do what’s right, but not without a sting. Leif Behmer, Chimera - Three minds, one beast.