What do you get with the MBTB VIP Card?

  • 10% Discount on all purchases while the card maintains a balance
  • Reserved seating at events
  • Priority signing line access

This is a pay-in-advance purchasing card that must be bought for a minimum of $500. ⠀

The Scoop: ⠀
1. Cards can be purchased by calling (713-524-8597) or emailing us at order@murderbooks.com
2. After we process your order, you will be issued a special MBTB VIP card that will be accepted in-store, by phone, email, or on our website.. Until the balance reaches $0, you will get a 10% discount on all merchandise (this cannot include gift cards or shipping fees, items we cannot discount), as well as reserved seating at events, and priority signing line access. Once the value is depleted, a new $500 card must be purchased to continue the discount and perks.
3. Forget your VIP card at home? No worries--we can look it up in our point-of-sale system with ease. You can ask booksellers any time for your current balance. ⠀
4. This card works just like old-fashioned currency: you can use it to buy books and gifts in stock or to order books from us. 
5. VIP Cards can be purchased as gifts.

*Some exclusions may apply. 

Special thanks to Avid Bookshop for letting us run with their idea!