Mystery and Thriller Mavens

Murder by the Book is delighted to announce an exciting new collaboration with Sara DiVello, founder of Mystery and Thriller Mavens.

The new partnership will launch on June 22, when DiVello will begin livestreaming her author interviews to both Murder by the Book’s Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as her own.

In the spring of 2020, DiVello created the Mighty Mystery Author Series for A Mighty Blaze as an emergency pandemic measure to support authors with books coming out. In the past 15 months, she’s volunteered her time to host nearly 100 mystery and thriller authors—ranging from celebrities including Dean Koontz, Jeffery Deaver, Patricia Cornwall, Ruth Ware, Lisa Unger, Dr. Ian K. Smith, Jane Harper and many—to debut authors such as Micah Nemerever and A.H. Kim.

Sara DiVello is a yoga teacher by day, mystery writer by night. She’s a life-long passionate reader and mystery-lover. Sara loves chatting all things books, the joy of reading, the craft of writing, and connecting readers to their favorite authors…or introducing them to their new favorites! She has interviewed over 100 mystery and thriller authors--from celebs to debuts--and created the “Mystery and Thriller Mavens” Facebook Group, a free, online book group where readers can watch and participate in interviews, enter giveaways, and dish about their latest books. All are welcome.

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