Denizens of the Dark: A Final Twist Anthology

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Short mystery stories related to a theme of "darkness": Mark Phillips, The Revenant - A doctor and a sorcerer battle a living corpse animated by dark magic. The first Sabatier and Kern story. Sally Love, Hotline Homicide - Dinah left everything in Phoenix and fled to Houston. But her abusive past is never far behind. He's coming for her. Charlotte Phillips, Ama’s Revenge - 
The police rule Ama’s death an accident, but Ama disagrees – and she’s out to get even. Natasha Storfer, An Open Invitation - Come play tag with your nightmares. Cash Anthony, Ingrid’s Indecision - A teenager used as bait to blackmail a rich pedophile lets Fate decide how she’ll get out of the trap she’s in. Mark Phillips, Monster Hunt - Things are about to go terribly wrong on the smash reality show Monster Hunt. Justice demands nothing less. Jane Sweet,The Organ Chaser - Two of New York's finest are called in when a drowning victim with a bashed-in skull revives, wraps himself in a bed sheet, and walks out of the morgue − carrying his organs in a bag. L. Stewart Hearl, The Bone Eater - Stealing from corpses is bad. Eating them is worse. 

Natasha Storfer, Big Bad Wolf - Polly's partner acted alone and needs back-up. Will she arrive in time to save Kevin from the big bad Wolfe? Cash Anthony, The Night Crew - When biker/avenging angel Jessie Carr and her partner Beau Marsberg make a detour to visit an old friend in a nursing home, they find themselves at a surprising dead end. Leif Behmer, The Sorrow of Mercy - The queen has vanished, and the king is going mad. Only the Order of the Rose can keep his wrath in check, but for how long? Alone, a disciple of Mercy will answer. Leif Behmer, Harpy - A hunter stalks a harpy, but only succeeds in capturing his vanity. Leif Behmer, Manticore - He’ll do what’s right, but not without a sting. Leif Behmer, Chimera - Three minds, one beast.


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